Food & Nutrition

Our team of chefs prepare a variety of delicious and nutritious home cooked meals. Ingredients come from local suppliers and meals are freshly prepared daily. All special diets be it dietary allergies, recommended food textures, religious or cultural needs, all can be accommodated and our chefs who meet with every new resident in order to understand their likes, dislikes and dietary requirements. We have recently introduced a new varied menu which we hope will appeal to everyone which was designed by our residents and is updated reguarly to meet the needs and preferences of those in our service. Our chefs are inspired by residents' feedback which is collected every day. There’s alternative menu choices at every mealtime if you want something different and snacks can be ordered throughout the day and night.

For residents who have difficulties in swallowing we modify the menu so that it is provided in the recommended texture. To support our chefs in producing these dishes, we provide accredited training about dysphagia. The chefs prepare meals to the correct consistency, and ensure taste and presentation is maintained. The senior carers will ensure all modified menus are prepared and served in line with our personalised diet and nutrition assessment and care plans.

All our food is prepared in a safe, hygienic environment. Grange-Lea is proud to maintain and display our Food Agency 5 Star food hygiene rating.

See below for samples of our menu:


Breakfast is served at a time that suits each person, during the care planning process we ask people what time they would like their breakfast and where. Dont worry if you fancy a lie in, we can serve Breakfast a little later, or even better serve Breakfast in bed! We cater to all preferences for Breakfast, we have a large assortment of cereals, porridge, toast, and fresh fruit. And can also provide a cooked Breakfast, so if you like some Bacon and Eggs, or a sausage sandwich to start your day, we are happy to accomodate!
We have a range of Fruit juices to accompany your breakfast, and tea and coffee (including decaf) we want you to enjoy your meals, and they do say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

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Person centred care and choice and control is at the heart of all we do here at Grange-Lea!
It is important to us that food is enjoyed, and the meal time experience is a positive one. We have a newly designed spacious dining room, with lovely sea views to enjoy meals in, and often enjoy meals in our gardens.
Each day we have a choice of 2 hot meals on our menu to choose from, these can be adapted to suit varuious dietary needs and preferences, though there is further choices if the options that day are not to your taste.
Our current Lunch menus offer a wide range of choice and were designed with our residents, we have options like Salmon with hollaindaise sauce, butter crusher potatoes and fresh vegetables, Chilli con carne and Jacket potatoes, Home made Quiche with Salad and chips, Cottage pie, Curries, Chicken and Mushroom pies with flakey pastry, Pork chops with apple sauce, Gammon with pineapple, chips and peas, Sweet potato pie, Cheese and potao gratin, Mixed Grill, Tuna pasta bake, Sausage in onion Gravy and Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Pork Roast Dinners, the list goes on! And each day a 2 different Fresh vegetables are provided to ensure nutritious needs are met.
Our full menus are availbale on request.
We aim to ensure our menus are very varied, however know it can be hard to suit everyone. We are happy to make different dishes, and daily we can provide Fish, chicken, omlettes, Jacket Potatoes, and Cold meat salads. We will also adapt all meals as much as possible to suit various dietary requirements, food consistencies, and ensure vegetarion and vegan options are on offer.

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Afternoon tea

We offer a wide variety of food choices for our Afternoon / Tea time menu. Each evening we have a hot meal on offer, various sandwiches, salads, soups and cheese and biscuits. We also have various puddings to choose form each evening.
Every Tuesday we have a High Tea and have cake stands with a selection of sandwiches, quiches, scones, cakes and pastries to choose form, and use bone china cups and saucers. These are available for use for those who prefer them daily, and very much enjoyed by all.

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